High Quality Custom Dentures in Parker, CO


Do you need to replace all of your teeth at one time? Our high-quality, custom Parker, CO dentures are a durable, cost-effective option. Dental Implant Experts of Parker, CO has years of experience in full mouth rehabilitation, reconstruction, and prosthetics.

Stabilize Your Parker, CO Dentures with Dental Implants

A traditional denture is held in place by a suction that is created between your prosthesis and the gum tissues that it rests on. However, oral anatomy can change over time, and as the contour of your bone adjusts, the suction can be compromised. A lack of bone height can cause the same concern, leading to your denture feeling loose or slipping out of place throughout the day. It can also contribute to pain, tissue chafing, and changes in your bone anatomy.

At Dental Implant Experts of Parker, CO, we offer denture stabilization with dental implants in our Parker, CO office.

How Does Implant Stabilization for Dentures Work?

As few as 2-4 mini implants or traditional dental implants are placed in strategic points in the mouth.

Next, a new streamlined denture is made that is permanently affixed over the dental implants, which never comes out. This type of “All-on-4™” or “hybrid” style denture is slimmer and follows the contour of your natural bite (freeing up the extra space in the roof of your mouth.)

If you have an existing denture, often times it can be retrofitted to be secured with the dental implants or a new denture is made, so that it can snap in and out over the implant abutments. You would remove this denture for routine care and maintenance, just like a traditional denture.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Because dental implants enhance your bone quality and quantity, your stabilized denture will help to reduce the changes in how your facial profile is affected by bone loss. You might feel like you look younger than you have in years!

Call Dental Implant Experts of Parker, CO today to schedule a dental implant supported denture consultation at Dental Implant Experts of Parker, CO.